Friday, October 23

7:00 am
Model 12-Step Meeting (observers welcome)

Chronic Pain and Addiction

8:30 AM
CSAM President’s Remarks
Itai Danovitch, MD

8:40 AM
Chronic Pain and Addiction: The Compassionate Doctor, the Narcissistic Injury, and the Primitive Defense
Anna Lembke, MD, Director, Stanford Addiction Medicine Program and Chief, Stanford Addiction Medicine Clinic, Stanford University School of Medicine

9:30 AM
Bupe in New Places: Perioperative Care and Novel Uses in Pain Treatment
Andrea Rubinstein, MD, Chief, Department of Chronic Pain, Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center, Assistant Clinical Professor of Family and Community Medicine, UC San Francisco

10:20 AM
Break with Exhibitors and Poster Presentations

10:40 AM
Medical Update: Neurobiology and Pain
Jodie Trafton, PhD, Assistant Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine; VA Palo Alto, Center for Health Care Evaluation, Menlo Park

11:25 AM
Table Discussion: Treating Pain and Addiction in Your Practice

11:50 AM
CARE Oregon: How a State Addressed Primary Care Opioid Over-Prescribing
Amit Shah, MD, Medical Director, Care Oregon, Portland

12:30 PM
Break for Lunch

12:40 PM
CSAM Annual Business Meeting (non-members welcome)

12:40 PM
CSAM Theater
Practical Technology that Can Enhance Your Practice, Support Treatment and Promote Recovery

Mario San Bartolomé, MD, MBA, Medical Director, Addiction Medicine, Memorial Care Health Systems Community Hospital Long Beach

Policy: From the Affordable Care Act to Marijuana

2:00 PM
Evaluating Addiction Treatment: Outcomes, Performance, and Quality
A.Thomas McLellan, PhD, Executive Director, Treatment Research Institute, Philadelphia

2:40 PM
Presentation of the Vernelle Fox and Community Service Awards

2:50 PM
The Affordable Care Act One Year Later: Lessons for Addiction Medicine
H. Westley Clark, MD, JD, MPH, Dean’s Executive Professor, Public Health Program, Santa Clara University

3:20 PM

3:35 PM
Table Discussion: Impact of ACA on Quality of Treatment on Your Practice

3:55 PM
Break with Exhibitors

4:15 PM
Marijuana Legalization: Lessons from Colorado
Tista Ghosh, MD, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco

4:50 PM
Marijuana: New Formulations
Ingeborg Schafhalter-Zoppoth, MD, Internal Medicine, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco

5:05 PM
Marijuana Legalization: The View from the E.R.
Kennon Heard, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine

5:40 PM
Evidence-Based Uses of Medical Marijuana
Tauheed Zaman, MD, Clinical Fellow, UCSF School of Medicine

5:55 PM

6:10 PM
End Friday Plenary

7:00 PM
Dinner and Gala “Bollywood Night”
Transport yourself to Mumbai for a fun dinner event celebrating Indian Bollywood films. Bring your dancing shoes and wear a colorful outfit.
(Dinner included in registration fee; guests $50)